​"We saved X amount of money by switching my account(s) over to Vault."

Had a great meeting last night with Richard Smith regarding Vault.

The card as well as the bank appears to be quite a step up from anything I have personally seen.

Since this is a financial product & is literally a bank, we will be held to the same standards as if we were marketing for a bank, because in essence, we are.

1- The sign up process will start next week after our kick off meeting in Lehi, UT. That is scheduled fro 7 PM MDT at 2600 Executive Parkway STE 500 - Lehi, UT

Links will be sent out. I will be sending links to my leaders first & they in turn, will be sending them to their teams so we can honor the sponsorship process like before.

2- Since the Vault - or whatever they end up calling it, is an actual bank, you will have all of the perks of a bank with an account - That includes FDIC insurance, bill pay, the ability to send & receive money - direct deposit - The whole nine yards

3- Cryptocurrency will be insured to 110% - NO MORE losing crypto for crazy reasons!

4- You can upload any type of pay card & many accounts to your Vault card - The name of the card will be REVVCARD - It is called REVVCARD because we share the revenue.

Since the bank behind this is the merchant, we receive a portion of the merchant fees.

5- Our bank customers, down line actually save money by using the card as it is a discount card with 375,000 discounted locations (vendors), in the United States as well as 600,000 World Wide. This includes many major retailers. (More info on this at a later date).

6- The bank account will serve as a great alternative to traditional bank accounts, money transfer services, crypto exchanges, & so on. It appears the fees via the Vault will be more competitive therefore you are literally being paid by merchants for allowing your customers to save money by consolidating their current card(s), and or accounts to the REVVCARD & Vault bank account. (I will share what those fees may be once I have them)- DO NOT go out and scream, we are cheaper or better and so on. (We will not make any claims outside of what the bank asks). Right now it appears we are very competitive, but we will wait for the list of fees to present itself and than market from there).

From what I understand, this is a great alternative, but lets all wait for the fees to be announced & all of the perks to come to surface BEFORE we scream them all from the rooftops.

7- My favorite part. KALA will be the ONLY coin that has a "Point of Purchase," option in the Vault. You can store other cryptocurrencies, you can purchase them and so on, but the only card that will immediately convert to FIAT (actual money) in real time when you use your card is KALA!!! <--- For anyone who understands use cases when dealing with Utility Coins, that is great news for KALA owners.

8- Security - This card is really slick. If you leave your card behind, you have the option in settings to have your call call you and tell you that you left it behind once you walk 30 feet away from it. It can also do a data dump so no one can use it. You will be able to reload the data and continue using it,

9- You can refer as many customers to the bank as you would like. You must refer a minimum of 10 customers to the bank in order to become an affiliate & earn merchant fees. I LOVE THIS!!! It will light the fire underneath anyone who is interested in sharing this. A customer is someone who signs up for a free bank account and completes the free KYC process.

10- The card will have a one time fee of around $100- I believe we will receive commission on this as well. You do not have to own a card in order to have a bank account, but most probably will. (In my opinion).

11- This one is very important. No animals, that I am aware of were hurt or injured in any way during the creation of the REVVCARD.

12- The commission will be paid via a 3X10 Matrix with dynamic compression. (More on this later). That could be substantial.

13- There are many events that will earn us commission for sharing the account and card. I have never been apart of something so exciting as far as the product is concerned.

I believe the word of mouth on this will grow like crazy. I feel very blessed to be at the front end of something so revolutionary.

I thank and congratulate you all for being a member of this wonderful team and look forward to a potentially great year for us in 2019!

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Beat Redskins 38-16,a great road start... Beat  the Bengals win at home 24 -16 The Philly smack job  3-34


2016 STAIRWAY to 7

Lets go Steelers !

The thrill of victory and agony of defeat are on full display in this video ...

 your pThis is NOT MLM, this is a Bank with an Amazing "REVENUE SHARE" Affiliate Program, for Free and Paid members, along with a cutting edge technology "SMART" debit/credit card! We receive a portion of the merchant fees. If a customer adds their credit cards, retail store cards, etc, WE GET A SHARE of the revenue. If a customer pays their mortgage or other bills via their account, WE GET A SHARE of the revenue. There are a massive a lot of vendors worldwide (and growing) that will give discounts when the card is used. You can store FIAT, PRECIOUS METALS (GOLD, SILVER) & CRYPTOCURRENCY in the account. A TRUE "REVENUE SHARE" Affiliate Program. Not like the REV-SHARE PROGRAMS we've experienced onlinearagraph here.

1-15, 0-8 Away

CBS 1 2 3 4 OT T
CLE 7 7 0 7 3 24
PIT 0 7 0 14 6 2727
11-5, 6-2 Home

No. 2 receiver this year wore a soft cast with plastic supports on his left hand in the locker room after getting stitches at halftime of the team's 31-13 win over the New York Jets on Sunday.The Sammy Ben show had Sammy more open than 24/7 business.

Steelers over browns 24-9 lets go!

Pats 27-16 win over the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday sucked. Now,get healthy on the bye week then get back to winning path !

Steelers look like AFC's best team after smack dabbin the Chiefs 43-14

stay healthy steelers..

good guys 24 Giants 14 sweet!

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​ZEKE US virus 30-35  OUCH Cowboys win late ! d we need d!

 STEELERS 14 RAVENS 21 ,this sucks the Ravens suck...Time to get back on track  4 wins 4 losses

Pittsburgh Steelers  beat 
Bungels 24-20 come back!

lasr 200 yards vs. Steelers was 16 years ago. Dolphins Jay Ajayi ran for 204 today in a  freal sucky 15-30 loss.

​Colts back up Q.B.is a tough dude Steelers 28 -7 over Indy .