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Q: How many Ravens fans does it take to change a light bulb? A: None they are happy living in Pittsburgh's shadow! 

Why hate the Ravens or the old Cleveland

USI-Tech Convention UK 2017 - USI-Tech Token - USI Tech Mining Operation

USI-Tech - How the Bitcoin Packages work Globally 

ICO Alert USI-Tech Coin Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

Step #1 Sign up is Free USI-Tech: https://tech.usitech-int.com/ The new website is live. Must do Step#1 First Step#2 Use Same USI-Tech Username and Password to login to the same Usi back office now. https://CRAZY4BITCOIN.usitech-int.com/ USI-Tech Pre- ICO not open to the public. Must be a USI-Tech member. Join for free. Initial Coin Offering for the USI-Tech TechCoin. Join over 300,000 members in over 70 countries world wide. 4 Different token level bonuses. New websites launch November 1st. Not sure when Opportunity will be filled up. List of some of the announcements from the 1st Annual USI-Tech Convention... Special 1st Year Anniversary Conference SOUNDS AMAZING THE NEW THINGS COMING FROM USI. 1. Join USI with link above. 2. Now 300,000 partners in 70 countries 3. New Patent Pending on “Power Generation” to enable mining at 90% reduction of electricity which in fact is 90% of the mining cost. The Science to convert heat into power rather than trying to cool the heat. 4. By mid Dec USI will produce 1% of the Bitcoin Global hash rate?? 5. New Artificial Intelligence Packages for Forex and Bitcoin Trading 6. Installation of 3 million USI Bitcoin ATM Machines worldwide 7. USI in future is establishing it’s own “Exchange” 8. Business cards, pens, other promotion items in back office 9. Will be able to go in back office and use credit card to purchase $5,000 of Bitcoins per day 10. There will be two websites one for retail and one for partners to recruit with new videos, virtual assistants, funnel system 11. New commission structure by going 12 wide with 12 BTC Packs@ 12. Next promotion trip is Hawaii (don’t know specs yet) 13. Japanese partner sold $85 million of BTC Packs since April 14. New Website will be operating Nov 1 Wednesday 15. Rebuy percentage button will be working Wed 16. Customer Service going World Class 17. No limits on daily withdrawals 18. New product is: USI Tech own Token (usitech-int.com) 19. USI ATM Bitcoin Machines to be installed worldwide 20. New, members can now purchase Bitcoins in their dashboard 21. New USI Marketing Funnel Systems HOT ICO - Remember, To Buy You Must Have AN USI Account. Sign Up For An Account Today. Token Package Options Silver Package 0.009515 BTC100 Tokens and no bonus tokens. Gold Package 0.47575 BTC5,000 Tokens and one bonus. First bonus 10,000 Tokens Ruby Package 1.903 BTC20,000 Tokens and two bonuses. First bonus 40,000 Tokens Second bonus 80,000 Tokens Emerald Package 4.7575 BTC50,000 Tokens and three bonuses. First bonus 100,000 Tokens Second bonus 200,000 Tokens Third bonus 400,000 Tokens Diamond Package 9.515 BTC100,000 Tokens and four bonuses. First bonus 200,000 Tokens Second bonus 400,000 Token Third bonus 800,000 Tokens Fourth bonus 1,600,000 Tokens. Join as a member or a rep..

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