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 Great to see you made it to this spot on the net. Are you interested in blockchain technology ?  Watch the chicken nugget video and the Bitcoin mining video !  #facinating


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Everyone needs to understand what rNetwork is and the opportunity that is here. Not just bits and pieces of it.

See below:

Coming Soon the App which will change everything!

Members ask me all of the time what I believe the Charter Member to Customer Ratio will be.

My personal opinion, over 1,000 to 1. 1,000+ customers per every Charter Member. That is my opinion based off of many different factors.

Why do I want Charter Members? Easy. It is not just the $2 or $2.5/monthly. It is thousands of hungry members sharing a FREE app to countless customers!

Remember, you are paid for every level you unlock on the Charter Member side, BUT you are ALSO paid for every customer in your organization and paid on every customer your Charter Members have, as long as you have unlocked the level your Charter Member is on.


Charter Members:

Paid on Charter Members as they unlock the 10 levels, with dynamic compression.

All of the discounts are available to Charter Members, depending on what packages he/she has. (Coming Soon with the Revvolution Packages).

Paid on ALL customer debit swipes and purchases made with their app. Also paid on their customer's customers.

Paid whenever someone commissionable to them purchases a car using rAuto, pays a mortgage using our bank account to pay it, (does not have to be serviced by our bank).

Paid on medications purchased in their down line

These are commissions received when both Charter Members or Customers swipe, purchase cars (via rAuto), medications, mortgages, ALL OF THE ABOVE!

How many levels of customers? Infinite!

Customers get paid on directs only, which means that 9 Charter Members above the entire lot of customers also need to be paid. If you are Charter Member 1 above these customers, guess who gets paid on ALL of them?

Customers refer other customers, they get paid a customer referral bonus on usage. Those customers refer others and so on down the line, that all goes to the Charter Members above them.

Charter Members will be able to offer a FREE app where customers will save money. They receive the App, a Revvaccount, and a plastic card (Revv Lite).

Once they upgrade to the Revvcard itself, you are paid an additional $25.00 for the sell of the card. Just a nice little bonus.

Once you get someone to download a FREE app, corporate will drip on your customer and encourage them to purchase a card once it is ready as well as encourage your customer to become a Charter Member.

So, why become a Charter Member now and show others how to do the same?


Every Charter Member below you represents almost a virtual franchise. They can create a customer base where YOU can benefit!

Customers will refer, yes that will happen, but your business partners, especially once they understand how this really works, will BUILD!

This will keep your customer acquisition costs at basically nothing, while enjoying a potentially phenomenal customer retention rate.

Free Customers will receive savings, just less than their Charter Member counterparts. Customers will receive bonus (incentive to share), just less than their counterparts as well.

SIGN UP and become a Charter Member today and build your army of sales people who, once the app is out, all they have to do is share a FREE app!

"Do you hear me now?"

"The plane has landed."

"Check please."

Discounts are great. Saving money is wonderful, BUT residual income off of a non-paying customer base is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!

Now do you see why I am spending so much on marketing?

Are you starting to see the value of having your own funnel system created by professionals, where the App will be embedded with your link. "Click here for your FREE app and start saving TODAY!"

Welcome the the Revvolution.

Welcome to rNetwork!!!

Now , an interesting crypto currency membership is launching.                                                                             

In internet marketing  If your traffic source(s) dry up...

...so does your revenue.  This is not true with team affiliate marketing ! Happy members make an amazing business. WORD OF MOUTH                                                                                                           Now ,we do not want your email ,we want to know if your a  team player..   If your a team player and want to build a biz the affiliate team way. Please  go here and fill in the form on the right with your name and a good time to call !  succeess2u    a fun social membership  starts now!                                                        Type your paragraph here.

If your traffic source(s) dry up...

...so does your revenue.

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Crypto currency is in the wild, wild, west stage. So be careful on the online prarie!Type your paragraph here.

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